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Sages Through the Ages: Italy

Sages Through the Ages: Italy

with Dr.Rachael Turkienicz

August 18 - 27, 2015

See the treasures of the Vatican, roam the narrow streets of Pitigliano, the Italian "Little Jerusalem", find your wine and food pairing of choice in the best kosher winery of Tuscany. Discover the hidden treasures of Florence, Bologna and Padua, ride a gondola along the canals of Venice - all the while enjoying Dr. Rachael Turkienicz's unique insight into the magic world of the Jewish sages of northern Italy.
* Local delicacies prepared by top Italian chefs in our GLATT Kosher kitchen
* 4-5 star hotel accommodations throughout the journey
* All inclusive trip at a competitive price
* Professional tour guides of historical Italian sites
* Space is limited

For more information and booking details : (647) 500 - 3780

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Sages Through the Ages: Italy (DETAILED ITINERARY)

with Dr.Rachael Turkienicz

August 18 - 27, 2015

Day 1: Our Italian Adventure Begins
Arrive in Fiumicino airport and immerse yourself in the busy life of Roman streets. After the short transfer to the hotel, have a rest – or, join us for a refreshing trip to the Tivoli Gardens. In the evening, join Dr. Rachael Turkienicz and other guests for a fabulous welcome dinner. This is the first opportunity for our chef to artfully recreate the local delicacies, both of the modern Italian cuisine, and that of the times long gone.

Day 2: Ancient Rome
Our morning tour of ancient Roman sites includes the Coliseum, built immediately following the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Take a short walk to the Titus Gate with its famous reliefs, and the Campo de Fiori, featuring some of both the brightest and the darkest pages of our medieval history. We share lunch in the ancient Jewish ghetto of Rome near the Great Synagogue, and explore Talmudic texts with Rachael that reflect the emerging church. We will discuss the ancient Jewish community and Rome, including texts about Raish Lakish, the Jewish gladiator turned scholar.
Dinner together at the Hotel

Day 3: Religious Rome
We begin the day visiting The Vatican and exploring its treasures. Special attention will be paid to Michelangelo’s Moses, and the Pantheon. Lunch within the Vatican Walls enlivened by the works of, Sforno and Abu al-­‐Rabi who operated out of the Vatican nearly an Eon ago. Later in the afternoon we head north to Umbria and its historical gem, the city of Orvieto, where we will have dinner at the hotel.

Day 4: From Umbria to Tuscany
We start the day exploring the ancient city of Orvieto, from the historical centre to its romantic hills. With the help of the local funicular, we will be able to admire the breathtaking view from above. Lunch is enjoyed in Orvieto, where Rachael presents a profile of unusual medieval Jewish women. From there, we progress towards Pitigliano through the beautiful Tuscany fields and vineyards. Arrive at the hotel in Pitigliano and settle in for Shabbat.
Kabbalat Shabbat and hot Shabbat dinner will follow.

Day 5: Shabbat in Pitigliano
Shabbat is traditionally a time of rest, reflection and rejuvenation. Our Shabbat will include optional aspects to allow you to fashion your Italian Shabbat experience. Please join in for any or all of what we have planned.
Cookies and coffee begins our morning, followed by an (optional attendance) Shabbat service. The service will accentuate the Italian Jewish cultures of the region. Hot Kiddush lunch will be served following the service. For those who enjoy narrow corridors and brick streets of ancient Pitigliano, a guided walking tour of Little Jerusalem will follow. In the early evening an informal sit down with Rachael to enjoy the calming ambience of Ancient Italy.
Night in Pitigliano

Day 6: Siena & Tuscan Country
After breakfast we leave for the mysterious Siena, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Italy. We will tour the historical city centre, have lunch by the famous fountain in the Jewish Ghetto and explore the works of Umberto Cassuto with Rachael. We depart for Terra di Seta, Tuscany’s most exquisite kosher winery, to indulge in a tour and tasting of their wonderful wine, olive oil, honey, and more. Arrive in Florence in time for a bit of rest before dinner.

Day 7: Florence
Guided tour of Florence which includes the Bargello Museum and its many works by Michelangelo, David statues by Donatello and Verocchio, and notably, the exuberant Hebrew Bible themed reliefs by Brunneleschi and Ghiberti. We will see the Giotto Bell Tower, the Gates of Paradise, Ponto Vecchio, and Via Del Giudei. We have lunch near the Great Synagogue of Florence and learn about the Jewish approach to art and artistic expression with Rachael.
We depart just in time for dinner at the Hotel in Bologna.

Day 8: Bologna, Padua & Venice
We begin our day with a guided tour of the restored Jewish district in Bologna, then carry on for Padua, possibly the oldest city in Northern Italy. Over lunch there, Rachael will invite us to immerse in the unique writings of Ramchal and Samuel David Luzzatto. From here, it is but a short trip to Venice. Rialto Bridge and the Doges Palace in San Marco Square await us tonight!
We dine and spend the night in Mestre, the old Jewish mainland district of Venice.

Day 9: Venice
Begin the day with the famous Jewish Ghetto of Venice, historically rich and darkly foreshadowing of things to come. The very word “ghetto” was born here, too. See the synagogues of Venice with our exclusive tour, and imbibe the beautiful writings of Isaac Abravanel brought to life by Rachael’s elegant narrative. It is there, among the ancient synagogues of Venice, that we will enjoy lunch. Making our way to the canals, we will take a gondola ride, joining their timeless passage through the city.
We’ll be back at the hotel in time to rest a little before our decadent farewell banquet.

Day 10: “Arrivederci!”
We will serve you breakfast and provide a ride to Marco Polo airport of Venice.
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