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Rachael's Centre for Torah, Mussar and Ethics is a not-for-profit pluralistic website dedicated to online Jewish learning

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For the complete learning experience at Rachael’s Centre, Lifelong Learner encompasses all of our topic areas and sections. We open our entire library of learning for you to discover. From short clips to multi-part courses, there is something new for you to discover everyday.
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Yeshiva Stream

Full-length audio courses featuring line-by-line study of our ancient texts.

Women & Judaism
Women play a crucial role in Judaism. Watch here to gain insights into the development and progress of these roles.

Ethical Jewish behaviour is easier to incorporate into your life than you may realize. Listen here to this highly interactive and thought-provoking material.

Torah Texts
Within the 5 books of Moses are narratives, laws and varying viewpoint. These audio sessions are far more intriguing than your grade school Torah class!

Delving Deeper

Multi-part video courses on a wide range of topics.


Jewish Ritual

Torah Texts

Life Lessons

Quick bursts of inspiration to get you through everyday life.

Parenting can be difficult and stressful. Take a moment to learn the Jewish perspective on this demanding role.

Relationships can be trying and complex. Insights on how to gain balance are featured here.

All About Me
Taking time for yourself rarely seems to be a priority. Learn more about Mussar and how to integrate this practice into your life.

In our modern lives, we have a variety of obligations and commitments. Explore more here.

I Am Woman
Women have an innate ability to share wisdom. Learn more about our influence in Jewish life.

Because I Always Wondered

Simple answers to your burning questions on all things Jewish.

Baby Building
Learn more about the implications of this life altering event.

Circle of Life
Common lifecycle events and celebrations explained.

The Jewish homeland has a vast history that is rooted in our ancient text. Not the Israel you see on the news.

Jewish Holidays
The Jewish calendar is filled with holidays. Next time you celebrate, have a deeper understanding into the why.

Jewish Symbols
Within Judaism there are numerous symbols. Each has its own history and meaning.

Ritual & Prayer
Ritual and prayer are embedded in daily Jewish life. Watch here to spice up your next visit to the synagogue or mikvah.

Speaking of Sex
Often a taboo subject, Judaism views sex as holy and crucial in building relationships.

What Is…

Rachael explains many of our rituals, symbols and holidays in two minutes or less.

What is… Ritual

What is… Holidays

What is.. Symbols
Rachael's Centre for Torah, Mussar and Ethics is a not-for-profit pluralistic website dedicated to online Jewish learning. We offer video and audio classes on Jewish themes such as Family, Lifecycle Events, Torah, Jewish Laws and much more. We also feature a Jewish Calendar, Interactive Blog, Video Reflections, Torah Podcasts, and Holiday Insights. We invite you to subscribe to Pathways to Learning and join our growing online community today.